Our Story 

Hello! I'm Kelly, the founder of Pawsonly.co.
I'm originally from Singapore but currently living in Bali, Indonesia. 

Every dog lover and proud pet owner loves nothing more than making their furry friend smile, which is where I come in…

While i was at fashion school, I started sewing little things here and there to have fun. Before long I was getting asked by friends and neighbors to create something for them too, and the rest is history. 

Life carried on sending me new ideas and sparks of inspiration, and it was in Bali that things really started to gather momentum.
What inspired me most was meeting so many sassy little pooches here that I just knew they’d love their very own kerchief or bandana, so I started making them. 

Now I’m busy in my studio every single day creating adorable little accessories for adorable little pups.
If you need me, you know where I am!